What is the one thing you would never do and why?

What is the one thing I would never do? The one thing I would never do maybe is to commit a suicide. Life is tough but that’s not a reason to quit it that way. I don’t understand people who do it. Life is a gift! Why throw it away? Do something with it! If you don’t like the way it’s going, change it! For me everyone has their own mission in life, weak people, who can’t cope with the challenges, put an end to their life, but for me this is not an option. Many people commit suicide, because they start to feel down in the dumps for some reason. Every man is an architect of his own fortune.
I would never back down and commit a suicide for many reasons –  I have dreams and I’ll do my best to make them come true. I have friends who love me, my parents give their souls for me and my future and suicide would be a betraying.  Killing myself will not solve the problems. They will still exist, but they will no longer be mine, but friends, loved ones, family and even people who you barely know will still feel it. For me life is a gift and I don’t have the right to end it. I have seen  situations of suicide and the domino effect after it .I had a neighbor, Dayan, who was wasting his life with poker, drinking and after he had spent all his money he started   borrowing   money from money-lenders. You should never joke with them, you have to be strict, and otherwise you’ll become a victim of their threats which was my neighbor’s case because he couldn’t pay the money back.

Dayan hung himself, when his mother found him she was crushed and admitted to hospital with heart attack, his grandfather held for some time but passed away because of the shock. That left a scar not only for his family but our neighborhood as well.  So I’m asking myself  if  I  would ever  think  of committing a suicide ?  No, thanks! I wouldn’t give pain to my family and people whom I love.
But people say – NEVER SAY NEVER !!!
Boyan, 12a

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