How I Survived an Accident in the Mountain?

I set off from work. It was an early evening. I was riding my bike. I was feeling calm when suddenly I fell down. When I stood up I saw the bicycle’s tyre on the ground next to me. I sighed with despair because the tyre was flat. It was already night. I didn’t have a phone with me. All I had  was the food from my shopping. I made a sandwich and ate it.

Suddenly the weather got worse. It started raining. I started shouting but nobody could hear me. I was in the mountain and this was an isolated mountain road where I had this accident. I couldn’t walk a lot. I was sure that my friends and family were very worried about my disappearing. I was thinking about them and how much I loved them. I felt tired and it seemed that I had fallen asleep under a tree near the road.

When I woke up I saw my friends riding their bikes towards me. When they saw me they called an ambulance because I was exhausted and couldn’t walk. The ambulance came and took me to the hospital. When my parents saw me they were happy and relieved. I was happy too.

This is how this story ended.

Victor 8a