The Bulgarian Stereotype

On the whole the Bulgarians are not bad people but sometimes they are envious. They always watch what others have but don’t see what they have.

In the past, the Bulgarians were a glorious nation that won many battles. But today it isn’t like that. They aren’t unified as in the past. Everyone wants and thinks about themselves but doesn’t  care about the others.

One of the greatest Bulgarians said: “If I win, all of the Bulgarian people win. If I lose, I lose only myself! ” Even today we honor the memory of this man and bow our heads.

The Bulgarians are not reserved as a whole, they love talking to other people.

They are not old-fashioned but rather fashionable.

I still think they are lazybones on the one hand but very sensitive on the other. People in Bulgaria are depressed a lot.

Basically they like to get away from their problems easily and they are as sly as a fox.

The best quality of the Bulgarians is that they are able to have fun. They are kind-hearted and always in the center of the party. They have a marvelous sense of humor. Jokes are in their blood.

Every nation has its good and bad features. I am happy that I am Bulgarian and I’m  proud of it!

Katy, 10 a