What would be my Perfect Marriage?

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.
Mignon McLaughlin

My perfect marriage would be like a fairy-tale. It’s full of roses, butterflies and unicorns, and all this continues after my engagement with one of the most beautiful women in the world, in my imagination. I’m kidding! The perfect marriage for me is too unknown for the age of mine. In other words, I’m too young to think about it but when some thoughts appear in my mind, well, they sound like something normal and out of my perspective. Anyway, the following text is work of  my imagination.

The perfect marriage for me will be with my special and only one girl whom I’ll be loving to the end of my life. The marriage will be perfect if she loves me as much as I do. Both of us will have highly paid jobs somewhere in the world. When our family gets larger and we have  kids, we  have to work twice as much as before. Right now in my head, I see a picture of a white house with a little white fence. In front of it there is  a red Mustang and inside the house my kids and beloved wife are waiting for me to have dinner. The perfect marriage will be something like that but the time will show us. Right?


My Unexpected Holiday!

It was last year when my mom and dad surprised me with an unexpected holiday. They told me that they had won a seven-day holiday in the beautiful Grange Hotel in England for four people. When I heard the wonderful news I immediately began to pack up. Mom and dad also started packing their bags and brother’s luggage as well.

We got our tickets at the airport, went through customs and at last from gate 29 to the plane.
Mom and dad were very scared but I knew that the planes are safe and very reliable. After we had landed at Heathrow Airport in England, we took our luggage and cheerfully left the airport.

The hotel was in the beautiful English countryside and we travelled about two hours and a half to get there. The staff was friendly and the service was on top.
We stayed in a suite with air conditioning, a telephone, a TV and a big terrace. It was very beautiful. The rooms were stylish and spacious. There was a great restaurant next to the lobby bar and another one on top of the hotel, a swimming pool, a parking space, a gym and a fitness room.
I tried to perpetuate every single nook and beautiful scenery, and took a lot of photos of the hotel and nature. Time slipped by, the break was short but very exciting. We got back home safe and sound filled with wonderful impressions and memories about our holiday.

Georgi 10a