“Tell a story: You wake up one morning and find out that you can speak only in a strange new language, and that no one understands you. What happens ?”

Dear reader, this story will change-up your mind  about dreams and reality.

It is about how I woke up one morning and found myself a victim of a strange miracle, it’s your choice to believe it or not.

It was Friday evening and I was with my family on a family meeting. The night was in front of us and the time was running really fast. I was chatting most of all with my brother Biser who came to visit us for a long ,nice weekend.

The strange story began after I  had fallen asleep. It was a weird night.

Next morning it was only the crack of down when I woke up, brushed my teeth and made coffee for me and my brother. Suddenly he woke up too and said “good morning” to me , I replied too but his reaction was  strange. He looked  at me as if  I were a freak. After realizing that he was awake, he said to me with a trembling voice:

– I`m going mad!

The only word that came out of my mouth was, “You must be  joking. Right?”. Then he became as white as a sheet. Ok, that was pretty weird.He jumped out of  his bed and started asking  questions like, “What’s your name? How old are you?”

Dear reader, may be you`re asking what’s going on! I`ll tell you. I was speaking a strange new language, and yes,  that was insane.

It was like a dream for me. I couldn`t write or speak any other language. Just think about it … what could it be if no one understands you? Everyone would think that you are mad, right?! .. So it’s exactly what happened to me.

My parents called a psychologist. He tried to talk to me but it was impossible. After a long conversation with my family , the psychologist decided to give me  a treatment for a serious disease. And out of a clear sky I found my self in a hospital for psychos.

Your  life can change all around just for a night. I accepted my future. That day was a long one for me so I fell asleep in the hospital room depressed and exhausted.

You are wondering what caused that illness to me. I`ll tell you that, too.

The next morning I woke up and found myself in my room  but not the hospital one , in my  sweet home. Yes, it was all just one scary dream. That moment of my life changed everything in me. Since then I have appreciated every second of my life, every moment, everything! Everybody has a miracle that  changes their life. Even you!  Nothing happens by chance. People, events and dreams come to your life to teach you a lesson, so open your eyes wide, listen to your heart, follow the nature signs and enjoy life!

Dayan, 11a